Are we mentally prepared for labour?!

Hi dolls!

So I’m over 38 weeks pregnant now (finally!!) and patiently waiting for the little man to make an appearance! With all the aches and pains getting worse as my due date draws near; I thought I would do another pregnancy related post on our thoughts on how ‘prepared’ we think we are for labour.


I get so many people asking me on a daily basis now, “Are you ready for labour?!” and “Are you scared about how painful it’s going to be?!“. I always just laugh and say very assertively “I’m actually really excited!“… Which I am. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are going to be a lot of screams and unbearable pain. But I’ve always been a firm believer of ‘We fear what we do not know’. As cliche as it sounds, it definitely suits the situation! Saying that, I don’t think anyone is really fully prepared for labour but there are things that I’ve been doing in order to put my mind more at ease in order not to ‘fear’ the actual pain and experience. I mean one way or another, he’s coming out of me (God willing, with no complications)! Tbh, with a lot of situations that I dread – I’ve learnt to have that ‘Can’t go under it, can’t go over it, gotta go through it’ attitude.

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’

Ngl, every now and then – I get overwhelmed with panic and shock that an actual baby will be coming out of my bits. Sometimes I do think I’m more scared about after my little boy is born rather than him physically coming out. No one gets a “How To Be The Perfect Parent” manual free with the baby! I do feel scared that I’m going to be completely hopeless.. but I’m going to save that for another blogpost. Anyways, so before I ramble further – here are a few things I’ve been doing to try and mentally prepare myself!

  • Antenatal Classes – Personally, going to these classes with my partner helped us incredibly! It was comforting to be with other pregnant women and their partners as well. We’re all in the same boat, with the same fears etc and it was helpful to have midwives talking to us in depth about different topics (depending on classes) as well as having the opportunity to ask questions. I’m glad the NHS offer these services (although they do get booked up quite quickly!) because they’re a great help. One class that we went to was solely about pain relief that’s available during labour and different techniques that you and your birth partner can do to ease the pain. They also handed out fabulous packs full of helpful diagrams and other information. Find Antenatal Classes (U.K.)
  •  Talk to midwife – Luckily, I found it incredibly easy to talk to my midwife about any worries I was having. Honestly, any questions – no matter how silly or embarrassing I found them, I asked her. I swear midwives have seen it all!
  • Listen with no fear – Every woman that has had a baby will have a story to tell about their birth. A lot of the time, the stories that you hear are more horror stories than anything else. Honestly…some of the things that I’ve heard made me want to die inside. I kind of just had to drill it in my head that every labour is different… I’m not necessarily going to have an extreme rip from my vagina to my anus due to my kid’s head coming out.
  • Talking to birth partner – Talking to my boyfriend as well as him being there at the antenatal classes really helped. He’s been amazing. We’ve also spoken about what’s going to go down when labour kicks in. What to do and what not to do etc. I’ve been shoving him pieces of paper with fabulous diagrams that demonstrate positions to help. When I get BH Contractions and they get quite strong, we practise some of these positions. This has put me at ease for when everything gets hectic!

    Such artistic diagrams, right?
  • Independent research – Lastly… doing independent research has really helped. With a lot of the stuff that you see on the internet, you’ve got to take a lot of it lightly and be smart about things. However, looking on websites such as Bounty or the NHS website (reliable websites!), I found really good tips which have helped me. For example, one of the main fears that I have is getting a tear. Even the thought of it makes me shudder!! But looking on the website, I found different ways which could help to prevent it.

Labour can start at ANY time, no matter what I’m doing at ANY time of ANY given day. Tbh, some days I do feel more mentally prepared than other days! Well… at least our hospital bags are prepared eh?

Hopefully after the little man is born, I’ll write up a blogpost on the labour/birth experience!

How was labour for you? What advice/tips would you give to soon to be mamas?

Fei xoxo

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