Stretch marks… YAY OR NAY!? ft. Neal’s Yard Remedies Products

Hi dolls!

So this is my first blog post and I thought I would make it quite a personal one. I’ve very recently hit the 9 months mark in my pregnancy (woohoo) and thank God, I’m happy to say that I’ve had quite a smooth ride. However, approaching nine months; a combination of tiredness and insomnia alongside the aches and pains has really hit me (i know, such a common thing – why am I complaining?). Ngl, I do feel like the days are starting to drag and I’m just impatiently waiting for the little bubba to make his appearance!

Another thing that I’ve developed over the past few weeks are stretch marks. I’ve never had stretch marks until now and when I had started to notice them, a slight bit of panic had overcome me. They were red, fresh and itchy and to be quite frank.. quite irritating. It was only until my 7th month did my bump become noticeable and I had used Bio-Oil religiously on my tummy to try and prevent them (& no, bio-oil doesn’t prevent stretch marks). Prior to the pregnancy, I had never really cared about stretch marks simply because I’ve never had them. I had always wondered why people were so self conscious of them but it was only when I started to get them quite red and raw it started to really bother me. This was a few weeks ago, so fast forward to now – I have completely different feelings about them!

9th month tummy!

The one thing that I’ve learnt, is that no amount of moisturiser/oil/remedy will prevent you from getting stretch marks. Many people get them, both men and women.. and if anything; they add a sense of uniqueness to the skin. I have really grown to love my stretch marks! It will always remind me of this incredible journey that I’m experiencing. It’s not the aesthetics that bother now but rather how pink and itchy they can get.

Because of the aches and pains and the itchy stretch marks, I’ve used a range of products to see what works well for me. Here are two products that I’ve really grown to love!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Products:

Mother’s Balm & Mother’s Massage Oil 

Mother’s Balm, £20

I have really grown to love this product for the tummy area! It’s fragrance free and because it’s a balm rather than a lotion, it’s a lot more nourishing. If I put it on during the night, the moisture and softness will last till the next day. It also contains beeswax and natural oils from apricots, coconuts, almonds and macadamias which are said to soften and soothe the skin and is 100% organic. For me, this is such an ideal product – very easy to use and non greasy. When first applied, it takes a little bit of warmth to warm up the product. Initially, there’s a slight gritty feel which quickly dissolves. Although I don’t believe that it would necessarily prevent stretch marks, the product itself softens my skin enough to keep it supple and not itchy. Win, win!


Mother’s Massage Oil, £19.50

Another fragrance free product and 100% organic! I really do love this product for back massages. This product is said to be infused with soothing orange flower and mandarin essential oils as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil which are very very nourishing for the skin.  Thanks to my partner and this product, I’ve really benefited from massages. I’m so sensitive to really fragrant oils – I find them quite sickly, but I feel that because this doesn’t have a smell I can really relax without a pungent smell. The substance itself, like the Mother’s balm is non greasy and it isn’t thick at all so when applied it doesn’t leave an uncomfortable feel.


I will definitely continue to use both products after the pregnancy!

What products would you recommend for the skin for during/after pregnancy? What skin products would you recommend in general for the skin during autumn/winter?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first post!

Fei xoxo


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